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Leisha DeHart-Davis

Leisha DeHart-Davis is an Albert and Gladys Coates Distinguished Associate Professor of Public Administration in the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Government. She studies workplace dynamics, including employee voice and empowerment, organizational structure, diversity and gender in public organizations. Her book, Creating Effective Rules in Public Sector Organizations, is forthcoming from Georgetown University Press in 2017. She holds a PhD in public policy from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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Employee engagement is a hot topic these days, but one that lacks clear definition. One way of thinking about engagement comes from the Netherlands, in the form of the Utrecht work engagement survey question. Originally designed to measure occupational health, the scale has caught on like wildfire, used in surveys of employees across the globe.  The standards of engagement are high: vigor (doing the job with energy), dedication (doing the job with meaning and enthusiasm) and absorption (mentally immersed in the job). Below is a link to an adaptation of the Utrecht scale, which we are using for the Local Government Workplaces Project.

UNC Local Government Workplaces Project Adaptation of Ultrech Work Engagement Scale

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