SHRM Talks Gamification for Employee Recruitment and Hiring

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Leisha DeHart-Davis

Leisha DeHart-Davis is an Albert and Gladys Coates Distinguished Associate Professor of Public Administration in the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Government. She studies workplace dynamics, including employee voice and empowerment, organizational structure, diversity and gender in public organizations. Her book, Creating Effective Rules in Public Sector Organizations, is forthcoming from Georgetown University Press in 2017. She holds a PhD in public policy from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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Check out this article from the Society for Human Resource Management about using games to recruit and hire employees. Gamification has been used by the Marriott, to see how applicants would manage a hotel; PricewaterhouseCoopers, to give prospective applicants a realistic job preview; and a big data firm to test coding skills and advance in the interview process. As with other hiring approaches, any applicant tests must demonstrate validity and reliability.

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